The Glow Stick Wedding Exit – How To

I have had a few emails lately asking about glow stick exits from receptions.  Its all the latest rage. Here is a recent example, followed by how it was accomplished….

1. Make sure the venue exit is dark. And when I say dark, I mean DARK. Any ambient light will interfere with the effect. Glow sticks are much dimmer than any light bulb. If there is any ambient light (notice the orange glow from the dim lobby overhead light above) it could interfere with the photograph.

2. Use the long skinny kind that really move when you wave them, the more motion, the better. Remember, the key here is movement.

3. Unlike sparklers,  glow sticks will not provide enough light to stop any motion in the picture, especially not a running bride or groom.  So unless you are going for something especially creative, you are going to need to drag the shutter, big time. If you have never dragged the shutter before, you will need to practice before the wedding day.

To give you an idea, the above image was shot at ISO3200, 1/10 shutter at F2.8. I tend to shoot them wider angled to keep as much of the crowd in the shot as possible, just a personal preference. The Flash is on a TTL Cable, allowing for more directional lighting, again, personal preference. The flash is firing rear sync, to help keep any ambient motion off of the subjects.

Here are the glow sticks I recommend. They are HUGE and will make for an amazing photo memory!!




3 thoughts on “The Glow Stick Wedding Exit – How To

  1. Amanda

    My friend plans to have a “glowstick” wedding, complete with EVERYTHING glowing! This fits in perfectly. If there are anymore ideas, please do tell. 😀

  2. kami

    I’m searching- good to see something out there. curious how it went. I’m thinking of a black light theme for the wedding. something that looks like it came out of the movie “Avatar” would be awesome.

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