Congrats to Kelly and Josh!

Kelly and Josh were wed at the Palisades Country Club in Charlotte and held their reception at the venue as well. Heather Bryson of Carolina Wedding Design was the planner and did a great job as usual. The happy couple fought off the rain and ended up having a fantastic day and evening with friends and family. Levar of Split Second Sound provided the reception entertainment, and as always he is highly recommended!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day…

Congrats to Lauren and Michael!

Lauren and Michael were married at St Gabriel Catholic church and held their reception at Myers Park Country Club in Charlotte, NC. They are a fantastic couple with a rowdy group of friends who came ready to have a great time. Once the reception started, the dancing was non stop well into the night. What a great day!




(Youtube bow tie instructions are becoming a common thing on wedding days)

Congrats to Stephanie and John!

Stephanie and John were married at the Ballantyne Hotel and held their reception there as well. They had an amazing outdoor reception complete with cigar and coffee stations which were a huge hit. The dancing went late into the evening as everyone enjoyed the perfect atmosphere provided. Entertainment provided by Split Second Sound, book those fellas, you can’t go wrong.

FYI… the four legged friend in the photos below is Duncan, the Best Dog.

Congrats to Hailey and Connie

Hailey and Connie were married and held their reception at River Hills Country Club. These Clemson fans had a great wedding and party including one of the liveliest exits I have ever witnessed. The bar shot was a request of the bride, something I am becoming well known for, unorthodox portraits. Whenever I shoot a venue, I want to shoot something that none of the other hundreds of photographers have shot before. When that happens, I am happy.

Note the glow stick exit. This blog receives visitors every day from all over the world who google “glow stick wedding exit”. Apparently I am the number one search result. It is difficult to shoot, but can be done with a little know how!

Congrats to Vanessa and Chad!

Vanessa and Chad were married at the Ballantyne Hotel and held their reception there as well. This was a very vibrant wedding with more flowers than you can conceive. The day featured elements from American, Chinese, and British cultures which was great to witness. The wedding was coordinated by the always amazing Heather Bryson of Carolina Wedding Design. Videography provided by Keith Furr who is great to work with. Vinny from Split Second Sound provided the audio and entertainment.inflatable snowman

As always, I am most interested in documenting wedding days as they are, with little involvement from myself. Weddings are vibrant and exciting enough on their own without a photographer’s staging. It is my job to document the day in an interesting story telling fashion.

Here are a few of my favorites of the day. Until next time….